Blue Water Farms

offers choices for riders ages seven thru adult at all levels. Our program is divided into two divisions:
-Curriculum-based academy
-Full service training barn

Training Barn

The training program is designed to promote excellence in the education of riders and horses. We strive to create well rounded horseman able to form winning partnerships with their equine companions. The curriculum promotes safety, solid fundamentals, competition strategy and good sportsmanship. Care and consideration of our equine partners is emphasized.

Our equine athletes are maintained on a consistent program of grooming, conditioning, nutrition, and supplements to keep them healthy, fit, and content. We encourage our students to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. We work with students at all levels and, it is our desire to help each student achieve their goal regardless of how large or small it may be.


The academy is a structured program and consists of seven riding levels and six corresponding horsemanship levels. There is a manual for each level which includes level appropriate recommendations for readings and videos. Students will master skills at each level, pass a written and mounted test, and earn a certificate for that level.


Riding is a traditional, elegant sport. Proper attire is both esthetic and safe. Blue Water Farms Academy level 1b and above, and training students are expected to dress appropriately.
Students should come to lessons dressed in polished boots, breeches, a fitted, tucked in short or long sleeve shirt, belt, helmet and gloves. Colors are optional, fitted jackets or vests may be worn when needed.
For clinics riders should be dressed in polished boots, tan breeches, belt, solid color, tucked in long or short sleeved shirt, fitted solid color jacket.
Acceptable clinic shirt, sweater, jacket colors: Navy, black, brown, tan, dark green, white.